Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Religion Problem

There is nothing wrong with basic teachings of any respectable religion with say more than 100M followers.  The issue is when stupid uninformed people allow mostly men with small penises and thrust for power lead them.  I say we ban religious leaders, preachers, mullahs, rabbis,....etc from ever coming up front and telling people what the fucking book or revelation or verse means to the fucking flock.  Like bill of rights we need only to share the basics tenants of religion since after all majority want to believe there is life after death and their existence somehow is divine.....I am ok with that idea since we have what we have today October 29, 2014!!!! OBW that goes for the fucking pope and ayatollahs.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Al Qaida - Al ISIS - Al Revenge -

Now that nut case Bush and his neocon handlers made a mess of the Middle East the only way to help Arabs clean house and get to some thing similar to civil society is to fucking get red of the fat unelected Sunni rulers of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and Egypt.  All Paris and Geneva meetings will do would be to produce more mayhem. These fat men have financed and armed crazy Wahhabis with US weapons that are now running around in Syria and Iraq but they are nothing but symptoms.  The causes are these Sunni dictators, 70 years of Palestinian occupation, 60 years of meddling by west as part of cold war games, and oil grab.  These failed states will continue to produce violent people because that is all they know with more focus on the masters (west).  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

You know when a nation is not wanted when their leader has to visit her troops in a "surprised" visit, aka Obama like Bush before him visiting troops to keep their moral high.  I like to see Obama announce a month before his date and location of visits to Iraq or Afghanistan and I will stop bitching.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Ukraine - Russia vs Israel - Palestinians

What if Arabs decided that security of Palestinians in the occupied lands need to be protected.  I think the apartheid regime in Israel is getting the message!  For the first time in over 70 years of occupation a high ranking US official (John Kerry) sounded the warning alarm.  Rest assured he didn't so it to help the Palestinian, they don't care about people, he did it because Israel can no longer continue with the occupation without major negative impact to her.  One state solution will eliminate Israel as a stupid religious state!!  The two state solution will buy Israel more time but not that much more.  At the end the idea of religious state needs to be wiped from the planet.  The state is and will be gathering of people to help protect, promote good life and enjoyment for all.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Still No Palestinian STATE

Isreal's illigal and immoral occupation of Palestine is slipping through the world attention again.  The Syrian tragedy has been partly made to keep this story from being told again.  Developed world by delaying this issue will pay a more substantial price in the futuer.  I find this total lack of will and arragant respond to the call by Palestinans sickening. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nuclear Bomb VS Assault Rifles

It appears small nuclear club members will continue to try, kill, primitively torcher, drone, render like cattle,....etc. to keep the monopoly of the "ultimate" weapon among other privileges while in their respective houses act like holier than pope with the mantra to ban those unnecessary semi-automatic weapons.  Somehow the vocabulary of gun control doesn't fit the militarism of the west.  Unless of course they are only moral and human to their respective peoples.  Their military industrial complex constantly whining about lack of funding for better more effective killing machines to defend "FREEDOM" while they are more than happy to disarm everyone.

Funny aint it!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Middle of (Changing) East

We have come a long way since pre 9/11 era, the world picture has changed.  The old patterns are not indicative of the future trends in sociopolitical discourse.  In a way the world is getting closer and acting as one unit more and more.  With prosperity of on member state directly benefiting the others.  Much like the social-capitalist system operating in US.  If by in large most people are doing well then system is doing well.

This is a good sign compared to the pre 9/11 colonialist style of domination and manipulation applied by powerful few states to control resources for survival and most recently to gorge on almost free supply of goods from those uninformed savages.

As more and more nations turn the corner on civil society principles with accountability for their leaders (aka servants) they will demand fair price and value for their goods and services.

Then truly the world nations will in lots of ways will become one..........until then lets kick ass of whats left of the dictators and non represented figureheads.